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Let me pull back the curtain and see what's going wrong. Get a detailed look that will reveal the problems in your profile & messages and outline the solutions. Your fresh set of eyes is right here.


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The Profile Teardown & Message Review
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Give yourself the upper hand!

Here's how it works...


1) To start with, I'll get to know you better with my "Attract Your Perfect Match" questionnaire to learn about your goals, dating frustrations, and what you are wanting to achieve.


2) You'll send me screenshots of your profile on several dating sites and other words, provide all screenshots of the profiles that you currently have as well as 3 of your recent message exchanges.


3) I'll review your profile(s) with two priorities in mind: 1) the perception you want someone to have of you, and 2) who you are wanting to attract. I'll create a new outline for your dating profile. This will be a detailed recommendation for what to include, based on what I've learned about your goals, and the man you're looking for.


4) I'll give you personalized tips on how to improve your messaging by reviewing your messages (and the men's profiles, too, if you include those screenshots!). I'll zero in on the problem areas. I'll explain what didn't work, and what would have worked better.



What others are saying...

"Taylor crafts a profile that is so YOU, while still being engaging! Better yet, she walks you through every step of her strategy, so you know exactly why she’s chosen the words for your profile." Vicky

"If you want to finally end your profile woes, you’ve found it. She’s your secret weapon." Angie

"I am truly still in shock over how quickly my dating life turned around from implementing her suggestions. I went from having no luck online to finally going out on dates." Sonya

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